Why story telling is important to kids

Story telling is in fact an art and it depends on the story teller to capture the mind of the kid. Children love to listen to stories and these stories can either be read to them or even inspirational kids stories narrated from memory or just imaginary stories. These stories are of great benefit to the child as there is interaction between the narrator and the listener.

The most important benefit being the parent is able to spend quality time with the child and a special bond is created. In today’s world, parents being more interested in the needs of life, spend less time with their kids and that later affects the bond between the child and parent.


Another benefit of reading stories is that the meaning of difficult words can be explained and the child learns new words and enhances his vocabulary. Through story telling at such a young age the child is able to develop the listening skills and thus later becomes good listeners.  While listening they are creating an image in their mind of the characters and the place and this develops their imagination and even thinking capacity. Soon they are able to imagine and narrate stories.


The emotions of a child are real when listening to stories than merely watching it on visual media. In fact visual media actually blocks the mental development of the child. The thinking capacity of the child reduces because he just takes in what he sees on the screen. Memory develops as children tend to remember the key plots and memorize the names of the characters.

Story telling opens the child’s mind to other life cultures and philosophies and events of history and makes history come alive. The child gets to know not only the history of his country but that of the world.

Story telling connects the child with not only history but family and friends.

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